Sustainable Jobs

Christopher Storey is also an entrepreneur and at AEGIR Impact connects impact organizations with dedicated individuals, creating a network to scale social and environmental impact. Frederick van Deurs is CEO of the Green Innovation Group, where he advises companies and governments on implementing green innovation. Nuno Brito Jorge at GoParity promotes investment in sustainable projects. Together they will reveal how to generate sustainable employment and value to the entities.

With Christopher Storey (Green Innovation Group), Frederik van Deurs (Green Innovation Group), Nuno Brito Jorge (GoParity) and Cassia Moraes at Crédito Agrícola Communities Stage, October 23rd, Lisbon.

This was one of the hundreds of sessions of Planetiers World Gathering 2020, happening on October 22nd and 23rd at Altice Arena, Lisbon, Portugal.


Christopher Storey
Christopher Storey

Sea Shepherd Global, Partnerships Manager

Nuno Brito Jorge
Nuno Brito Jorge

CEO and co-founder of GoParity

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