Sustainable Production and Consumption

The sustainable fashion market is growing and five years ago Pedro Ruffier innovated and produced ethically, which made Movin one of the first brands of its kind, outside of South America and in Brazil. The first with B Corp certification. Nora Gherbi, is the founder of Who Cares, which aims to serve executives who seek to create and apply a sustainable and meaningful strategy. The production and sustainable consumption and the creation of a relevant brand are the motto of this conversation.

With Pedro Ruffier (Movin), Nora Gherbi (WHo CAREs Chronicles) and Karla Matos at Crédito Agrícola Communities Stage, October 22nd, Lisbon.

This was one of the hundreds of sessions of Planetiers World Gathering 2020, happening on October 22nd and 23rd at Altice Arena, Lisbon, Portugal.


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