Agri-Food Systems Part 3

The third part of the Agri-Food Systems Session on October 26th at Generation Room 1 of Planetiers World Gathering 2022.

With Mafalda Evangelista (NBI), João Ferreira & Ricardo Chagas.

In the context of industrial agriculture, land degradation and deforestation, along with unhealthy food systems, have led to obesity and malnutrition.

This forum examinates EU Food and Agricultural Policies, most notably the Farm to Fork strategy, and its key topics such as sustainable production and consumption, food loss and waste prevention.

Decarbonization of agriculture and livestock industries will be explored, along with solutions for regenerative agricultural practices and agro-forestry.

Dialogue is also to develop healthy eating patterns and methods to increase consumer awareness, going through Eutrophication and the overuse of synthetic fertilizers and consequent damage to aquatic ecosystems.


Ricardo Chagas
Ricardo Chagas

Bain & Company, Innovation Expert Associate Partner

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