Reporting & European Regulation Pressures

The Reporting & European Regulation Pressures session, on October 26th at Generation Room 1 of Planetiers World Gathering 2022. 

With António Vasconcelos (Co-Leader Planetiers New Generation), Edwin Janssen (Senior Associate at Sustainable Growth Associates – SGA), Eila Kreivi (EIB Chief Sustainable Finance Advisor) & Carlos Martins (ESM). 

The EU Green Deal set the goal of becoming climate neutral (no net GHG emissions) by 2050 and reducing 55% of emissions by 2030. As the “other side of the coin”, the financial system plays a crucial role in supporting the EU Green Deal and sustainable recovery from the impact of COVID-19. This forum will further expand the necessary investment in innovation, industry, transport, infrastructure and clean energy. The EU financing strategy to mobilize at least €1 trillion of sustainable investment over this decade and its impact on businesses and investors will be discussed. It will also address the financial instruments available to help companies and the role of government in the green transition, as well as the importance of private capital in financing green companies. 


Edwin Janssen
Edwin Janssen

International expert and senior advisor in strategic sustainability for business transformation

António Vasconcelos
António Vasconcelos

Co-Leader Planetiers New Generation

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